How to Register for a Session

November 5, 2012 FoothillWP

To register for a Foothill Session, first click on the Session Registration button on the right-hand side of the homepage (see the first picture below). This will take you to the log in page where you will log in using your email and password, or select new user (see the second picture below). After selecting gender and grade level, a list of available sessions will appear, select the session you wish to register for (see the third picture below; as a reminder, age in water polo is determined as of August 1 of the September-August year). Next select your payment option: pay in full, or in monthly payments which will include a $10 convenience fee each month. You may also donate to Foothill if you so desire (see the fourth picture below). The next page is athlete information. Please fill out completely. When selecting primary contact, select both mother and father if you child lives with both parents (see the fifth picture below). On the following page, input information for parent (this will ask for whomever you selected as the primary contact) and emergency contact (see the sixth picture below). You will then be directed to your cart, where you can add another athlete, or check out (see the seventh picture below). Upon checkout, you will create your Active Network log in and input payment information (see the eighth picture below). After a page of Active Network offers, you are done and will see you Registration Confirmation!

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If you have any questions concerning session registration or your Active Network account, please contact