How to Pay Tournament Fees

October 16, 2012 FoothillWP

To pay your tournament fees, log in to your Active Network account by clicking on the Active Network Account Login button on the right-hand side of the homepage (see the first picture below). Once you input your email and password, you will be taken to the My Account page, select the Make Payment button (see the second picture below). This will take you to the Make a Payment page which shows the balance of your Active Network account, where you can make a payment, or, if you need payment clarification, select the Account Overview tab to see all fees billed to your account along with the open balance (see the third picture below). On the Account Overview page, simply click on the + buttons to show the complete account detail (see the fourth picture below).

How to Pay for Tournaments 1How to Pay for Tournaments 2How to Pay for Tournaments 3How to Pay for Tournaments 4

If you have any questions concerning making payments or your balance, please contact